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NFC Business Cards with VistaConnect

Introducing VistaConnect – a free service that adds an online extension to traditional business cards. Smart scanning technology instantly brings customers to schedules, signup forms and everything else that makes your business go.

Phone with website and business card

What is VistaConnect?

How VistaConnect works

Hand holding business card

Your business card

Put your contact info directly onto customers’ devices with smart business cards.

QR Code and NFC

Your customers

People hold their phone over the card to activate the phone’s scanning technology.


Your VistaConnect

Customers go to your new online experience, which we’ll help you create and manage – free of charge.

Scan & Connect

NFC Chip

Customers use their phone to scan a chip embedded in your card. Their phone gets a notification with the link to your VistaConnect experience.

NFC business card features

  • Durable plastic material
  • Subtle & elegant design
  • Increasingly popular
Make a stronger connection with potential customers.
VistaConnect adds an online extension to your printed products. Give customers instant access to important updates, videos and even examples of your work – all through an easy-to-navigate browser experience that we’ll help you build and manage.
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VistaConnect options

Check out everything else you can add to your VistaConnect site.

Vistaprint with check

Business info

Important info about you or your business

"Call now" button

A tappable button to call you

"Add Contact" button

A tappable button to add you as contact


Your schedule or hours of operation

Social links

Links to your social media


Embedded videos from YouTube or Vimeo

Website link

A link to your existing site

Photo Gallery

A gallery of your uploaded images

Custom Link

A link to any site you want

VistaConnect takes minutes to set up.

Create your card

Customize one of our templates with your own text and images.

Create your online experience

Choose what customers will see (or do) when they scan your card.

Place your order

There’s no extra fee for VistaConnect, and you can update it anytime.

Activate VistaConnect

Be sure to publish your web experience via your Workspace.

Create a card that can keep up with you.

Your business moves fast, but your custom business cards and online experience keep all your customers, connections and partners up to date. You can update your site anytime with a simple, easy-to-use menu. Daily specials. Seasonal sales. Additional contact info or a brand new location. You'll never need to reprint your cards with VistaConnect — it's just click, click, done.

Websites and business cards

Get started with VistaConnect

Frequently Asked Questions

Near Field Communication (NFC) is contactless transfer technology similar to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It allows devices to send and receive bits of data or information. To enable or activate the NFC built into your digital business card, just hold the card up to a smartphone.

For NFC cards, we use a thicker, 30pt durable plastic. This helps protect the built-in technology and give the cards better overall durability. We charge our normal price for this type of paper – there’s no extra charge for the NFC functionality.

The scanning technology we use for connected products requires a specific layout for your cards. However, we are working on adding the option to use your own design.

No – you don’t even need to have a lot of knowledge about the Internet. We’ll help you create and manage your new online experience for customers. See above for more information on what you can do with VistaConnect.

Absolutely. You can link to your existing website, related websites, social media profiles and more.

Yes, you don’t need to build the online experience before completing your purchase. You can use our convenient builder/editor anytime to create, update or edit your VistaConnect experience whenever you want.

Not right now, but we’re working on adding these options.

After you finish designing your QR code business card, we’ll take you right to our VistaConnect studio, where you can customize and preview the online experience you’ll be linking to. Please note that the QR codes for your cards will be auto-generated.