Weekly commuting distance

With a modified route home I’ve managed to rack up what is probably a personal record of 104km ridden this week whilst commuting. Happily this was achieved without encountering any of the many rain showers that have plagued south London recently, perhaps my weather luck is changing (touch wood)! A spot of rain may seem trivial but my prosthetic leg is not designed to withstand getting wet so I probably spend more time than I should watching the weather out of my office window. The distance has thankfully had no discernable effect on my ITAP. Despite it appearing to be stable over the vast majority of its implanted lifetime, I do keep a closer eye on it when I change my level of activity or introduce something new – better to be safe and all that!

A result of all this riding is that I think I’m going to need to do some maintenance on my bike soon. The freewheel is getting noisy and gear shifting is not as smooth as before. I will try to take care of this over the weekend as I want to keep the bike in as good a condition as possible to maintain its current low rolling resistance. I do love to be able to whiz along with the minimum of effort!

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