Turbo-trainer use

After my customary procrastination period had been observed I felt it was finally time to start using the turbo-trainer in preparation for Nightrider.  When I obtained the trainer through freecycle I attached my bike for a short test-ride which seemed to go well.  Upon coming to use the trainer for an extended session I found that the axle clamp was unable to provided sufficient force to hold the bike firmly enough due to an overly large spacer on the thread.  Removing the spacer was the obvious course of action but this proved tricky as the clamp shaft had got just sufficient corrosion on the always-exposed parts to prevent it sliding through the collar.  After a modicum of swearing, finding several progressivley more substantial pliers and grips, and a great deal of brute force, I managed to remove the offending clamp shaft, clean it up then remove the spacer and reassemble.  I felt exhausted from my efforts but decided not to give my first training ride a miss, video evidence of which will be added soon:

Where is that video?!

I had a good training session of approximately half an hour.  At first I had the resistance set too high as I found my left leg was rapidly getting tired.  There’s no real moments of coasting on a turbo-trainer which differs from being out on the roads so I found I had to lower the resistance accordingly.  Even so, by the time I had cycled hard for thirty minutes I was exhausted.  There’s no doubt that I need to do more of this in preparation for Nightrider!

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