Trailwalker Training – March

Our group training plan for Trailwalker calls for monthly walks of increasing distance leading up to the mammoth effort in July.  In between these walks we have an individual responsibility  to increase our fitness to an appropriate level.  Since our first training in February I have been walking the ten mile round trip to work rather than cycling or taking the bus on as many occasions as I can work up sufficient motivation.  Initially this aggravated the grievous blister that I had developed during our walk last month but I persevered and the blister gradually got better.

Despite the walk to work taking much longer than cycling I have managed to motivate myself to walk a significant distance in the approach to our March walk.  My blistered foot had recovered and I was looking forward to beating my previous best distance-in-one-go but unfortunately it was not to be.  In the few days preceeding the walk I’d experienced technical difficulties with the failsafe attachment component that were exacerbated by walking significant distances.  I simply couldn’t risk the failsafe not functioning in the days following the walk so had to re-think my participation.  After getting the failsafe issues resolved I will continue to plough my lonely furrow on the commute to and from work.

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