Trailwalker Training – Jersey

It is with mixed feelings that I had to decline the opportunity to take part in the Itex-Rotary Walk that circumnavigates Jersey this weekend.  It was always part of our training plan that the round Jersey event would constitute a dress-rehearsal for Trailwalker.  Attempting a walk of this distance would have been reassuring for me, assuming I managed to complete it, as my training has not exactly gone according to plan!  However, my first son will only be three weeks old on Saturday and he and his mother have not had an easy time since he made his appearance.   I cannot possibly leave them without my reassuring presence and tea making ability for the nearly three days the trip would take.

Once again I will have to forgo the opportunity to increase my record distance walked.  This doesn’t worry me unduly as I’m confident that my ITAP will cope admirably.  My biggest concern, other than my fitness, remains the endurance of my rheo battery.  I cannot really expect it to last for the full sixty-two miles of Trailwalker and I haven’t yet worked out what to do about that…

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