Trailwalker 2012

I have just signed up to take part in Trailwalker

When I first heard about Trailwalker I was both excited and slightly in awe of the idea of walking one-hundred kilometres in thirty hours.  As a socket-using lower-limb amputee, the idea of the sort of leg-wearing endurance that would be required to complete an event like this had been beyond my wildest dreams.  That was before I even began to contemplate the physical fitness needed.  However, all this changed when I received my ITAP implant and was freed from the limitations of prosthetic socket use.  Since before my implant rehab was complete I had realised that my prosthetic-limited life had changed, if not forever, at least for the life of the implant.  What could I do to make the most of this fact?  I got much fitter than I had previously been as an amputee, trekked to the top of Kilimanjaro and have plans to climb more mountains.  The challenge of Trailwalker particularly appeals to me as taking part should highlight the essence of the ITAP advantage – unlimited freedom to walk.

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