Three Years Since Kili

This weekend my friends and I celebrated the third anniversary of summiting kili.  As has become our tradition, the kili veterans assembled at one of our number’s houses for a fortifying meal and then set off to scale the dizzying heights of Leith Hill, Surrey, in time to quaff midnight champagne!  My wife had to miss last year’s walk as Henry was only a few months old but this year we recruited Nanny to look after her grandson allowing Helen to take a full part in the celebrations.  This was perhaps a little unfortunate as the weather wasn’t being kind to us.  Our ascent was multiplied by repeated slips in the muddy ground and we were somewhat damp when the champagne opportunity was reached. 

Kili anniversary walk 2013

Kili anniversary walk 2013

Looking back on kili has particular significance for me as the training and ascent were the first major activities that I undertook after my ITAP was implanted.  Before ITAP I wouldn’t have believed I was capable of completing such an adventure.  For a significant part of the training I was pushing the envelope of my new found post-implant capabilities, gaining the confidence to make the ascent.  My successful Kili trip itself was essentially the culmination of the implant procedure, initial rehabilitation and an extended period of informal rehab helped by my training and other activities.  It helped redefine my self beliefs, providing a platform for future adventures and friends to share them with!

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