Subsequent Shorter Ride

After riding 65km yesterday I woke up this morning with no particular aches or pains. In order to ensure the weekend constituted good training for Nightrider I used this lack of consequences from yesterday’s ride to motivate myself to get out on the bike again.

After another quick breakfast I navigated yesterday’s lap twice more with further modifications thrown in for boredom prevention. 35km later I had brought my weekend total above the Nightrider distance so felt fairly satisfied with my efforts. After a further 5km my willingness to persevere had evaporated and, as I was conveniently close to home, I called it quits.

Apart from my slightly aching arse I seemed to have come through this weekend’s training efforts unscathed. Fortunately there have been no prosthetic issues to deal with, ITAP or otherwise. I’m pretty happy that if I can get a few more training rides under my belt in the next few weeks I should be okay for Nightrider.

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