Nightrider Disappointment (somewhat tempered by having my new family at home!)

One week ago today my wife and my first child, Henry, was born.  He was expected to arrive somewhat earlier than June but was obviously worth the wait!  After four days in hospital I was allowed to bring my family home only to have to take them back the next day as Henry had lost too much of his birth weight.  We were finally allowed home once more late yesterday so disappearing the next day to ride 100km around London at night (Nightrider) didn’t seem like a particularly good idea.  Had Henry turned up when we had originally expected, or the first week after his arrival gone according to plan, then Nightrider would probably have been a realistic option but circumstances seem to have conspired against my participation.  Apart from the awful timing I’ve had very little sleep this week so perhaps undertaking an overnight event would not be wise.

It is a shame that I won’t get to ride with the other amputees and friends that are raising money for Limbpower but there will be other opportunities to participate in similar events, not the least of which will be Nightrider 2013.   I’m looking forward to it already!

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