My New Bike

I have finally managed to pick up my new bike. With less than a week until Nightrider I need to get used to it pretty quickly! Opting to utilise the ‘Cycle to Work‘ scheme offered by my employer will save me money and spread the cost but inevitably going through the application process takes longer than just nipping to the shops. Fortunately my local bike shop, Pearson’s in Sutton, have been great and quickly obtained the bike of my choice and put it together beautifully:


I have decided to continue with a toe-clip which I’m yet to fit for my prosthetic foot rather than clipless pedals and the associated shoes. I’ve always got on well with a toe-clip, I like the simplicity of this system, and for the sort of cycling I’m likely to do I don’t think it will make a significant distance to my speed or efficiency. I can always change my mind and fit the pedals later.

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