It’s that time of year again – the allotment calls.

Last year Helen’s allotment was somewhat neglected as we were distracted by the arrival of our lovely Henry:

The best possible excuse for not working on the allotment!

The best possible excuse for not working on the allotment!

This year I’ve struggled to come up with such a good excuse so the nice weather at the weekend meant Helen, Henry and I headed down to the allotment to make a start on this years growing.

After righting the plastic greenhouse and ensuring it shouldn’t blow over again in windy conditions I managed to start some digging.  Helen originally divided the allotment in to six beds separated by convenient paths and we have previously cultivated five of these.  Two were dug over around the autumn of last year so I began to dig one of these as it looked like it wouldn’t be too difficult.  In a relatively short time I had made good progress and the soil looks good.  Whilst digging I began to recall that despite my protestations I actually quite enjoy the labour of allotment preparation.  It is yet another example of something that is not only made feasible by ITAP but also pleasurable.  I can confidently say that with a socketed leg our allotment would not be as productive as it has been or will be again.

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