Although not a viewer of breakfast TV, Henry’s requirements obviously take precedence, I was slightly surprised but pleased to see on the BBC website that ITAP had made it on to their breakfast programme:

The patient did a pretty good job of explaining the benefits of implant technology without explicitly naming ITAP but the failafe he has is pretty distinctive and very familiar!  I do wonder where the statistics he states for numbers of recipients originates as I thought there were more patients than nine.  I also think it is a slight shame that he mentioned his infection.  Whenever any osseo procedure is discussed there is always alot of scaremongering regarding infection.  Infections are (so far!) not enevitable with an implant and ITAP was specifically designed to minimise this risk and continues to be developed.  I’m fairly sure that all recipients of any of the implant systems available would state that the small risk of infection is worth the vast improvement in function associated with getting rid of the socket!



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