As travel lovers, we are still getting used to spending all of our time at home. And if you’ve got kids, you’re no doubt trying to find new ways to keep them (and, let’s be honest, yourself) from climbing the walls, literally. We’re here to help with that.

We’ve created printable activity sheets that will encourage you and your family to connect with one another and think about your daily lives in unique and creative ways. These pages are taken directly from G Adventures founder Bruce Poon Tip’s book, Do Big Small Things, which is all about taking yourself away from the familiar and journeying into the unknown. Since we’re spending all of our time surrounded by the familiar things at home, it’s a great time to take pause and see our world a little bit differently.

While we may not be able to go very far right now physically, our minds can certainly still wander.

Sound like fun?
Click here to download the activity sheet! (Letterhead) OR (A4)

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