For a month and a half, you delighted us with messy, awkward, painful, sleepless, uncomfortable, wet, hot, crazy photos from your travels around the world — more than 20,000 of them, in fact — as part of our Adventure Unfiltered contest. So we're counting down some of our favourite entries, by category. Here, our Top 10 favourite photos of the strange toilet situations you encountered on the road.

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From: Jane O'Connor

Taken in: Africa (Kilimanjaro)

From: Kathleen Muir

Taken in: Location not provided

From: Danielle Eggins

Taken in: Laos

From: Courtney Remm

Taken in: Peru

From: Danik

Taken in: Sri Lanka

From: Tegan Champan

Taken in: Kazakhstan

From: Lauren Morocco

Taken in: Location not provided

From: Kate Butler

Taken in: Peru

From: Helen Maitland

Taken in: China

From: Marilyn Duppenthaler

Taken in: Thailand

Liked these pics? Check back for the best photos of you covered in mud, muck, dust, dirt — and tomatoes — we received as entries in our Adventure Unfiltered contest!

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