In 2019, the sustainability _cause célèbre was single-use plastics: from metal drinking straws to increasingly stylish reuseable coffee cups, waste-free living was (and continues to be) in fashion. We're making an effort to reduce our plastic usage at G Adventures, too, with the launch of our Plastics Partnership Project earlier this year.

We also know that, when travelling, it can be difficult to avoid the occasional piece of single-use plastic — but every little effort helps. So of you're looking for a great gift for the eco-conscious traveller on your list this holiday season (or maybe a little something for yourself), scroll down for some ideas from the G Adventures Gear Shop:

1. A bold bottle

The Mac Daddy of single use plastic-busters is the non-disposable water bottle. This one is insulated so it keeps liquids cold or hot, and is made from BPA-free metal.

2. A terrific tote

Whether the globe-trotter on your list is on their way to Morocco or just the farmer's market, this tote makes a bold statement while helping them reduce their environmental footprint, one plastic bag at a time.

3. A rad reusable straw (and beyond)

In 2019, the reusable straw — in metal or glass — became iconic as a symbol of plastic-free consciousness. And even if the traveller on your gifting list already has one, this roll-up pack also comes with chopsticks, a fork, knife and spoon, and a bottle opener that are all completely reusable.

4. A carry on-approved customs bag

Skip the disposable bag at customs and pack your liquids and gels in this reusable, durable bag instead. Bonus: the bag itself is made out of recycled materials, so it's double eco-conscious!

5. A durable dry bag

We often think of plastic zip-top bags as the go-to for keeping gear safe from water while on the road. Consider this dry bag instead: it's made by Stormtech from Ripstop fabric, and features shoulder straps, so adventurers can wear it as a backpack or use it as a dry bag within another daypack or piece of luggage.

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