With so much to see and do in the BVIs, you’ll find your fill of fun and adventure — no matter what you’re into.

In a region typically dominated by cruise ships, mega resorts, and all-inclusive excess, the British Virgin Islands (affectionately known as the BVIs) offer travellers of all different appetites a chance to experience untouched paradise and laid-back charm — from whatever vantage point they choose.

Adventure awaits in the BVIs.
Adventure awaits in the BVIs.

1. If you love to explore

Do you fancy yourself an adventurer, looking to discover the undiscovered? Do you seek out the road less travelled and veer away from the crowds? Then the BVIs are right up your alley. With more than 60 islands — at least 43 of which are uninhabited — they offer the explorer in you a chance to live out your most whimsical fantasies. Tiny, deserted islands accessible only by boat are homes to caves, beaches, coves, and bays that reward the explorer with unspoiled riches — turquoise waters, untouched sand, remarkable grottos, and private swimming holes. And with many islands within a 30-minute sail or ferry ride from each other, new adventures are a hop, skip, and a jump away.

2. If you love to sail

The BVIs have beckoned sailors from all over the world for centuries. With so many islands within such an easily navigable area, mariners can drift without a care from one island to the next — under reliable sunshine or spectacular stars. Long a boater’s paradise, the BVIs are nicely set up to accommodate boats of all sizes, with friendly, buzzy harbours and easy access to land.

See these remarkable islands from a different perspective.
See these remarkable islands from a different perspective.

3. If you love to swim, snorkel, or dive

Amongst hidden coves and between craggy rocks, you can find some of the best snorkelling in the world here. With so many spots tucked away from any degree of civilization, you’ll feel like it’s just you and the schools of needlefish, bonefish, and stingrays swimming through mazes of coral reef, tunnels, and caves. If you like to go deeper, you can enjoy year-round diving through crystal clear waters, and explore sunken ships (and their myriad mysteries) off islands that reveal no secrets.

4. If you love to eat

The world over, the best food is often found in small, local kitchens — free from frills and fancy tablecloths. The same is certainly true in the BVIs, where the eclectic mix of food (born from its eclectic history) is best tasted in beachside shacks and bustling lean-tos. Try the fresh lobster, conch, grilled fish, or flying fish sandwiches, or try West Indian barbecues or rotis for a spicier experience.

5. If you love to hike

If you’re fleet of foot and get excited about panoramic views and stunning vistas, the hiking in the BVIs won’t disappoint. Between Gorda Peak (the highest point on Virgin Gorda), Sage Mountain on Tortola Island, and the Sunset Loop on Peter Island, you’ll be treated to spectacular landscapes on the way up and jaw-dropping lookouts of the surrounding islands once you reach the top. Needless to say, it’s worth tossing in your hiking boots along with your flip-flops when you’re heading to the BVIs

6. If you love to party

Great Harbour on the tiny island of Jost Van Dyke is world famous for its parties on Halloween and New Year’s Eve. The full- moon parties on Tortola Island are also notorious bashes for those who like to experience island life after dark.

7. If you like to just chill

Turquoise waters, white sand beaches, secluded coves… a visit to the British Virgin Islands is a visit to untouched paradise. You’ll never run out of beaches to experience and the water is warm all year long. With a slow, rambling pace of life and low-key island charm, you’ll feel far from home — and the bustle of everyday routine.

Depsite all of the above, at one point the beach will call your name. Don't fight it.
Depsite all of the above, at one point the beach will call your name. Don't fight it.

Whether you prefer to travel by land, by sea, or deep beneath its glittery surface, you’ll discover some of the most splendid beauty this planet has to offer up close in the British Virgin Islands.

Getting There

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