Our new Wellness tours offer the perfect balance of awe-inspiring destinations, rejuvenating activities, and healthy food experiences, helping you return home feeling even better than when you left. Each of our Wellness tours covers three important pillars: Mindfulness, Movement, and Nourishment. In this new blog series, we want to shed a little more light on exactly what this will look like once you embark on your tour. Here, a look at how to centre yourself once you’re back on the ground after a lengthy plane ride.

1. Stand aside. Don’t feel like bolting straight through customs once you’ve deplaned? No problem. Unless you have a connection to make, take five minutes to step away from the rush of your fellow passengers and let yourself enjoy the sensation of standing up with space to move around!

2. Stretch it out. Speaking of moving around, nothing will decompress your body and brain better than getting your muscles moving a bit. Stretch your arms, legs, neck, and anything else that’s feeling particularly crunchy after hours and hours on a plane.

3. Take a breather. A little mindful breathing will help calm any post-flight jitters. Breathe in through your nose and count to five, then exhale from your mouth and count to three. Do this five or six times, or until you feel a little more at peace.

4. Resist the screen. You might regain access to data or wifi as soon as you touch down, but try not to open your inbox right away. A transatlantic flight’s worth of emails and texts, all at once, is no way to start a vacation!

5. Get some hydration. Even short plane rides can leave you feeling parched. As soon as you can, get a drink — water, and, if you like, some tea, coffee, juice, or even a glass of wine or a cocktail. But be sure to fill up on plenty of H2O — not only will it revitalize you physically and mentally, but you’ll be in the best possible shape to begin your life-changing trip.

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