Game of Thrones fans will no doubt feel pangs of loss this coming Sunday, as the HBO series airs its last-ever episode. For those who want to relive a bit of GoT magic after the series has wrapped, here are four places around the world where the show filmed some of its most memorable scenes — and how to get there.

Northern Ireland

Most of Game of Thrones' indoor scenes were shot at constructed sets in Ireland, but the country's scenic vistas and breathtakingly diverse wilderness also served as the setting for many of the show's outdoor scenes. Larne Lough served as the setting for Castle Black and the Wall, while the small town of Moneyglass acted as the setting for Winterfell.

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The Dragonpit played a pivotal role in Game of Thrones' eighth season, and filming for this location took place in Spain — specifically, in Seville, at the Italica Amphitheatre of Santiponce. Fans may also recall that, in past seasons, Spain's Basque region served as a stand-in for the Targaryens' home, Dragonstone.

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The beautiful Croatian coast — and specifically the city of Dubrovnik — was used as the setting for the iconic King's Landing for the entirety of Game of Thrones' eight seasons, and will surely prove memorable for not only its scenic coast and sun-dappled vistas, but for the importance King's Landing played in the series overall. What better reason is there for a superfan to visit?

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Iceland's frigid, remote, otherworldly landscapes were perfect for Game of Thrones, which filmed scenes that took place north of the Wall here. It might be difficult for fans to visit without imagining the terrifying White Walkers stalking through Iceland's desolate snowy plains — though, if this is of concern to you, might we suggest visiting in the summertime?

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