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Wanderers in Residence Select Top 13 Destinations for 2013

Our Wanderers in Residence bloggers have combined their worldly knowledge to identify their Top 13 Destinations for

by G Adventures Posted on 27 November 2012

Our Wanderers in Residence bloggers have combined their worldly knowledge to identify their Top 13 Destinations for 2013. G Adventures works with this group of top travel bloggers to help expand travellers’ horizons and to embrace what might initially be seen as bizarre by giving expert insights into destinations. The hottest G Adventures destinations tipped by our Wanderers for 2013 are:


Sunrise at Copacabana Rio
Increased profile with the pending football World Cup in 2014 and Summer Olympics in 2016 mean this South American gem’s star is on the rise. Our thrifty Wanderers in Residence advise getting there before prices hike further. > >


Southeastern Europe is evolving and increasing its presence on the ‘hot destination’ map. Expect Albania and its Adriatic coastline to increase in popularity as a result.


Since the election last year Burma has opened up and visitors heading there now have the opportunity to experience both ‘then’ and ‘now’. We recommend getting there before it becomes the new ‘it’ spot in Asia.

Sri Lanka

Comeback kid Sri Lanka is back on the tourist map. It’s not as cheap as it used to be, but with new direct flights from the UK and renewed tour operator confidence combined, 2013 should see it make a healthy return.

New Zealand

This media-loving country sees its name back in lights with the release of The Hobbit in December. New Zealand’s stunning scenery beamed up on the silver screen is sure to entice travellers down under.


A lack of crowds, reasonable prices and stunning scenery from the Salar de Uyuni salt flats in the south to Lake Titicaca in the north, make this less-visited South American location a top pick in 2013.


This island nation has seen a lot of recent development and we can expect it to be in the spotlight as it celebrates its 50th year of independence from the United Kingdom in 2013.


Not a newcomer to the scene but as more tourists visit its lesser-known areas such as Antalya and Trabzon on the Black Sea coast, it is likely to break away from the city break and package holiday markets.


A country that has battled with the image of being expensive in the past, Iceland has grown in popularity with tourists and new flight routes in 2013 should help publicity further.


Mongolia is becoming more attractive as travelling from China has been made easier, meaning travellers can see more in one trip.


With deserts, dunes, and safari opportunities, Namibia is becoming a real alternative for visitors to Africa.


Having raised its profile in 2012 following the anniversaries of both the rediscovery of Petra and the release of Lawrence of Arabia, Jordan is now firmly placed on the tourist map. It also managed to escape much of the affect the Arab Spring had on tourism in the region.


1963 also saw Zanzibar become independent from Great Britain after 50 years, so now’s a great time to go and trace the footsteps of one its most famous inhabitants, Freddie Mercury, who moved to Britain soon after.

The Wanderers in Residence join G Adventures on various adventures through the year, speak at travel events on the company’s behalf and work closely with its non-profit Planeterra. G Adventures seeks to build a better world through travel and encouraging people to explore. Everything Everywhere (Gary Arndt), Legal Nomads (Jodi Ettenberg), Nomadic Matt (Matt Kepnes), Uncornered Market (Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott) and Wild Junket (Nellie Huang) are all part of our Wanderers in Residence program.