I never thought I would be able to add “crossed the Arctic circle” to my travel resume, but participating on the Realm of the Polar Bear tour has given me the ability to do so!

For nine days, myself and about a hundred other fellow adventurers hit the Greenland Sea off the coast of Svalbard aboard the G Expedition in search of polar bears, walrus, ice floes and more. My trip did not disappoint! Our wildlife checklist grew and grew by the day. We also had plenty of views of the majestic fjords and mountains. One of my favourite moment was staring in awe as ‘house size’ pieces of a glacier calved in front of our eyes.

Here are some highlights that I enjoyed the most!

walrus popping out from the sea
These are no common seagulls. The Arctic is birders' dream.
Polar bear on the sea ice.
Zodiak cruising through icebergs.
The old mining settlement of Ny London.
cliffs dropping off to the sea
Reindeer grazing.
Heading through sea ice.
Arctic fox lying in the grass

Getting There

G Adventures runs a number of departures to the Great White North encompassing a range of departure dates. This is the Arctic – this is adventure and we’re thrilled at the prospect of showing you this once in a lifetime experience.