The G Adventures tour “18-to-30somethings Java to Bali” spans 15 days and highlights some of the most beautiful scenery, tasty foods and cultural traditions that the country has to offer. From my time in Indonesia in October 2013 I was able to capture a few of these highlights and sharing them with you now will hopefully give you a window into how spectacular your trip might be.


Early morning Borobudur in Java, Indonesia

While in Yogyakarta you will have free time when you can possibly go and visit the Borobudur temple. This ancient temple, which was constructed in the 9th century, is said to be the largest Buddhist temple in the world. If you can, get there early for the sunset tour. Tickets are limited at this time of day and it is the perfect opportunity to see a gorgeous sunrise and enjoy the temple while its not too crowded.


Street food in Java, Indonesia

From time to time on your tour you will have free time to explore on your own. I recommend taking this opportunity to seek out some delicious street food. The number one rule to follow when searching for street food in a foreign country like this is to make sure the food is fresh and when applicable hot and it hasn’t been sitting around for too long. If you can see them making it from beginning to end then even better. While somewhere in Java, I came across a lady with the tiniest little street side BBQ that she waved a fan at to make the embers inside heat up. Once hot she placed lamb skewers (I think it was lamb) and cooked them then drizzled them in a tasty peanut sauce and she put together quite the presentation for what little things she had with her. It was delicious and I didn’t get sick, lets hope you don’t either.


Prambanan Temples

On day eight of your tour while in Yogyakarta you are given the option of stopping and exploring the Prambanan temples by foot. This UNESCO World Heritage site dates back to the 9th century and is the largest Hindu temple site in Indonesia. The country itself has a 3% Hindu population with over 92% of the countries Hindus living in Bali.


Mt Bromo

The tenth day of your trip might just be your favorite of the whole tour. By now you have seen lots of beautiful things, you’ve eaten some great food and most likely made some great friends on the trip but its very possible that Mt Bromo could top all of that. When I visited we woke extremely early to climb to the top of Mount Penanjakan to see the sunrise view of Mt Bromo and the surrounding volcanoes. Climbing to the top I hated my life and thought about quitting a few times. The air was thin and I was out of shape. I finally made it to the top and I was welcomed to one of the most gorgeous views I have ever seen. You will surely love it. Then go and climb Mt Bromo yourself and you will love it even more.

Beach view with a beer in Bali.

BALI (DAY 12-13)

Once you hit Bali it is time to relax. Hit the beach and get a cheap massage, go for a snorkel or learn how to surf. If you get  a chance I would even suggest going to beach club that has all of the amenities, servers to bring drinks and food to your lounge chair and the option of swimming in the beach or a pool or both.

Hopefully by the end of your journey you will be in love with Indonesia just as much as I am if not more.