For most of us, Haiti is a place that exists only on the evening news. To those who know it intimately, though, it’s a place of picturesque coastal towns, long stretches of beaches, and a vibrant and unique culture that includes, among many, carnaval and voudou. There is more to Haiti than most outsiders have ever imagined. And when you visit this incredible place, you take home memories that last a lifetime and leave behind hope, prosperity, and a chance for a brighter future.

Haiti’s tourism industry, if properly rebuilt, could become a major economic development tool for the nation and a people determined to lift themselves out of poverty. As it stands, the infrastructure to support hundreds upon thousands of tourists is not quite there, but therein lies the adventure. For one, you aren’t one traveller among a sea of thousands all vying to see the same sights. The long road trips are also an adventure in and of themselves as you navigate winding roads that are far beyond the beaten path. The local artist communities leave you hunting for beautiful works of art for hours on end, while the lively markets keep you entertained with all their fascinating finds. Haiti can teach you more about voudou than Hollywood ever could, and the food is not only fresh from the sea but cooked and seasoned to perfection. In short, Haiti will expand your horizons and show you that there is much more to the Caribbean than white sandy beaches and piña coladas.

Come discover Haiti for yourself. There’s no better time than now.

A fisherman fixing his net by the coast of Côtes-de-Fer.
beaches of Côtes-de-Fer.
Bassin Bleu waterfall
women walking with basin on her head in the street
boy offering fresh coconut
 historical Fort Ogé
Looking up in the Grotte Marie Jeanne (Cave).
 plantain chips and seafood.
Preparing a very sweet and delicious Haitian dessert called Dous Makos.
The artist community in Port-au-Prince

Getting There

Four-and-a-half years on from a devastating earthquake that shook the world’s largest Creole community, Haiti continues to rebuild. This coming February, you can take part. In 2015, G Adventures – in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) – will debut a revolutionary new trip to this fascinating and enduring nation. Check out our Highlights of Haiti tour today.