It’s Tuesday, so once again it’s “time” to “lapse” it up! (See what we did there?) Each week, we share a new way of looking at this big blue planet of ours. While a photo does a great job of capturing what we see with our own eyes, a time-lapse reveals just how little the eye can see.

At G Adventures, love for our planet is the centre that holds our trips together. This week, we're taking a moment to pause and honour our planet—as well as think about ways to sustain and savour it. After all, the earth is what we all have in common. This is your planet. Celebrate it!

Getting There

G Adventures runs a number of departures encompassing a wide range of departure dates and activities to cater for different tastes. We’re thrilled at the prospect of showing you this big blue planet of ours — check out our small group trips here.