Topped with a broad plateau, Shira peak stands at 4,005m (13,140 ft) tall. It is one of Kilimanjaro’s three volcanic cones, which also include "Kibo” and "Mawenzi”. While Shira began erupting over 2.5m years ago, it's now considered extinct.

Hikers who wish to walk along Shira’s plateau on the way to Uhuru peak (the summit point of Kili) must take the “Machame” route. This trek is tough on the feet, but it boasts forest, moorland and spectacular views of the southern ice fields.

Another claim to fame for this peak came on September 21st, 2014 when one of the trekking camps – Shira Camp 2 – became the site of the first wedding ever to take place on the mountain!

And while you may not set out to climb Kili with the intent of tying the knot, you’re sure to fall in love with the landscapes this mountain offers.

Getting There

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