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Solo Travel Contest—Winner Announcement

We asked why you believe solo travel to be important—and you inspired us with your responses. Review some of our favourites and don't forget to check out the winner of the Solo Travel Contest. Travel solo – but never alone!

by Sacha Mlynek Posted on 13 August 2014

We're pleased to announce that the winner of our 'Solo Travel' contest is New Zealand's Kate Russell. This lucky gal will take home a $500 USD travel voucher courtesy of G Adventures. When we asked Kate how she felt after learning about her win, she said, "Wow—thanks G Adventures for the amazing prize. With so many fantastic travel options to choose from, I can’t wait to decide which exciting adventure to take!" Neither can we, Kate!

We asked you to tell us why you thought solo travel was important in 100 words or less. Here's an assortment of some of your responses:

I like travelling solo because it allows me to take things as they come—and take opportunities as they present themselves. It means I can push my limits and learn about myself. It also means I have to make an effort to connect with strangers which I wouldn't have to do if I was travelling with friends.

Kate R, New Zealand

Experiencing a country all by yourself gives you the courage to get out of your daily life and to talk to others. You find likeminded people and you can share a story or a part on the journey. It opens the eyes for small things like the smile of a kid in a local village somewhere off the beaten track.

Elisabeth P, Austria

Travelling solo with G Adventures was the biggest, but best step in my life! If my friends didnt do it before, I probably never would have done it. It's really easy—just like taking a bus in your home country, so not scary at all! And the best part is you get to know people from all over the world. Its good to know I can see the world solo, but not alone!

Ann E, Belgium

I have never had an argument with myself. Not one. Ever.

Brian S, United States

Travelling solo helps me forget all my tension and stress and rekindles that childhood curiosity to know about everything without a care for anything in the world. It helps me to move on in life.

Anurag K, India

Travel solo - but never alone

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