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Looking Back: the Most Popular Posts of 2013

If you're an avid Looptailer, you may recognize some of these posts. Either way, you'll enjoy our best posts from 2013, so take some time for a refresh or a fresh read!

by Caitlin Hotchkiss Posted on 25 December 2013

If you’re reading this right now, then you are an official reader of the Looptail, and because of this, we love you. It’s readers like you that keep us blogging about all the weird and wonderful things that this planet has to offer, and why it’s so fun for us to write about our adventures around the world. We hope that you’ve come away from our humble blog inspired to travel, make memories, and have some memorable experiences of your own!

If you’re looking to catch up on your reading over the holidays, here are the top five Looptail blog posts of 2013:

Five Ways to Make the Most of a Layover in Reykjavik, Iceland

Got a quick stopover in Reykjavik? While we really think you ought to stay a while and visit Iceland, Wanderer in Residence Jodi Ettenberg has a few ideas for how and where you should spend your time. (Hint: There’s an Icelandic word for “late-night bar crawl.”)

Gullfoss Waterfalls

Tips for Taking Photos of the Taj Mahal

Agra’s Taj Mahal is an iconic structure, so of course you’ll want to take a photo of it when you’re in town. But if you really want a truly memorable shot (or two or three) you’ll want to take note of Peter West Carey’s advice for taking photos of this majestic building.

Trying to get the perfect shot

When It Comes To Your Happiness, Is Travel Important? [INFOGRAPHIC] #HappyDay

It might sound like a rhetorical question – we do kind of like to sell trips, after all – but we wanted to hear it from you directly: travel makes you happy! This handy infographic by our whiz designer Liz K. perfectly visualizes how travel = happiness.

10 Reasons You Should Visit Indonesia

A lot of people don’t need a reason to visit Indonesia – it happens to be a pretty cool place, after all. But in case you need to be convinced, Cailin O’Neil has got you covered. Komodo dragons, Buddhist temples, and cuisine, oh my!

Komodo Dragon

Fun and Quirky Facts about New Zealand [INFOGRAPHIC]

New Zealand is more than just sheep and Hobbits, and this fun infographic (again by Liz) seeks to educate you in a colourful and enlightening way. Did you know that there are no snakes in New Zealand, or that it’s ruled by Queen Elizabeth II? Learn more interesting tidbits and impress your friends at your holiday get-together!

Looking for fresh content to keep you entertained this holiday season? Stay tuned! We’ll be publishing blog posts throughout Christmas and New Year’s, so grab a glass of eggnog and keep visiting the Looptail for all things world travel and general wackiness.

Getting There

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