Courage. Love. Creativity. Energy. Red is the colour of strong emotions. Take a look below and see some of the ways our travellers have been moved and inspired by the colour red—both natural and man-made.

Taken on the Lares Trek, traveller @tarabethwood snapped these smiling locals in Peru.

Monument Valley stretches across the state boundaries of northeast Arizona and southern Utah, where traveller @mog_nj captured this Instagram before spending a night under the stars.

A red glow lights up the night in Gubeikou, China. "This was the clearest night we experienced in the region," writes traveller @dpointr "all while the stars were out, the... bullfrogs could be heard singing their verses from the the river."

A brightly coloured home in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. Thanks to traveller @saucyjac for sharing it with us!

A welcome from the women of the Maasai to G Adventures' own @joffierski and her group as they visit Planeterra's Maasai Clean Cookstoves project in Tanzania.

Getting There

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