Magic, mystery, danger, hope. Night has meant many things to us through the ages. But for travellers, the time between sunset and sunrise can be an opportunity to take in some of Earth's most unique sights. Whether it's the teeming glare of a futuristic metropolis, or the celestial marvels of the night's sky, the hours of darkness present an opportunity to see our world in an entirely different light.

Thanks to @elineams for this shot of the Forum, once the heart of the ancient city of Rome. Everything from business to gladiatorial games would take place here, and it was also a centre of religious worship. Amazing to think how old it is, and how much of Western history has played out in front of those columns.

Looking like a city from the future, @hipphirra caught Shanghai by night.

@laura__riding captures the magic of Rio de Janeiro at night.

The Aurora Borealis is undoubtedly one of the greatest sights to behold on Earth. So there’s no better way to end our week celebrating the beauty of night than this exquisite shot from traveller Janne T. How many of you have seen this natural wonder?

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