A great holiday in the sun.

Despite the minor trauma of a delayed return flight, my family and I enjoyed a fabulous two weeks in Portugal. We deliberately chose to go at this time of year as we thought the cooler temperatures in October would be more bearable for Henry at the tender age of four months. This planning turned out to be both in error and unnecessary as the temperatures were scorching and Henry didn’t seem to mind.

In the pre-Henry, pre-ITAP past a very similar decision regarding the date of travel would have been reached and for a similar reason. For many years I used a conventional socketed prosthetic and would struggle significantly in hot weather: my stump would sweat and my leg would fall off! This would dramatically reduce the distance I could walk and the length of comfortable wear I could expect. I used to try to overcome this problem by re-fitting my leg with the Total-Elastic-Suspension (TES) neoprene belt that I had salvaged from the days before my suction socket. This wouldn’t help with the amount of sweating from my stump but would reduce the distance my leg would slide when loose.  Unfortunately using the TES belt would cause me to get a very hot waist where the wide neoprene material would be in contact with my skin, often leading to heat rashes etc. Once again I am very thankful to ITAP for setting me free from this limitation of conventional prosthetics, allowing both myself and anyone intent on accompanying me to enjoy the warmth of an early autumn heat wave in Portugal and other more exotic future destinations!

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