Four Years of ITAP

Four years ago today I had the operation that implanted my ITAP.

My post-op xray!

I had high hopes that the outcome of the operation would be the removal of the most significant limiting factor of being an amputee; the soft tissue involvement in how a prosthetic limb attaches to the person.  Even before my rehab was complete I knew that the ITAP woud exceed my expectations in every way.  For nearly four years I have been able to attach my leg in the morning, use it pain-free all day without so far finding a limit to how far I can walk, and only need to take if off for a shower or going to bed.  I feel like the innovators that designed ITAP have given me my leg back and I’ve tried to exploit this new found pysical freedom to the utmost.

Ill advisedly showing off my leg on a bitterly cold Toubkal summit!

My own involvement in the ITAP clinical trial has essentially come to an end, I simply attend the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital for six-monthly follow-up.  The only uncertainty remaining for me is how long the ITAP will last – clearly I am hoping for it to be a very long time!  I sincerely hope that the trial will be declared a success in the not too distant future resulting in this life changing technology being made available to the many more amputees that could benefit.

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