First Significant ‘Training’ Ride

After numerous ‘training’ rides (basically riding to work) I have finally got my bike out at the weekend for a measured ride of some distance.  As Nightrider is only three weeks away I thought it was about time!

I started off with my usual route to work, which it turns out is about the distance I thought it was, then returned home following the same route with modifications thrown in to maintain interest.  I repeated this another two times keeping me within easy reach of home as my heavily pregnant wife wasn’t keen on me being miles away for some reason!

I called it quits after about 65km, more as a result of the increasing demands from my empty stomach than fatigue. Perhaps I should have had a more substantial breakfast than shreddies and taken more with me than a litre of squash.

Apart from an aching arse I seem to have suffered no immediate ill effects. A friend of mine recently told me that you have to ‘train your arse to accept the saddle’ and over increasing distances this is definitely true! My toe-clip did its usual effective job in retaining my sometime-wayward prosthetic foot and my ITAP and skin/implant interface seem undisturbed by the increased cycling distance.

If I feel equally muscle-ache free tomorrow morning then I’ll repeat the exercise and consider that I’ve completed a good weekend of training.

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