First Outing of the Year

It’s been a pretty barren winter for me from a walking perspective – my crampons are likely to remain unused.  I’ve had various day walks planned but for various personal reasons have had to pull out.  Fortunately Scouting has come to the rescue!

The first week of Febraury saw my Troop and I wandering around the Surrey countryside looking for Geocaches as part of our winter camp.  Anyone that has looked outside recently may have noticed that the weather has been a little damp.  This was certainly evidenced by the conditions we experienced underfoot.  At one point on our route a river started to flow down the path and continued for at least half a mile!

Still fun to walk through...

Still fun to walk through…

Walking with the Scouts is another example of something I wouldn’t have comtemplated before ITAP (in fact, I doubt I would have offered my services as a leader at all before ITAP).   My implant somewhat mitigates the requirement to concentrate on what I’m doing to avoid falling over, allowing me to keep sufficient a watch over what the Scouts are up to to feel that I am providing a measure of supervision!

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