Back out in the hills!

Back out in the hills for the first time in a long while and I had the pleasure of four other amputees for company!  Two old friends, two new friends and myself gathered for a walk in the countryside to help with their training for a stroll up Mount Snowdon organised by Limbpower – everyone’s favourite amputee sporting charity!

Crossing the river

Crossing the river Mole the ordinary way…

We set off from the top of Box Hill and immediately dropped down the steepest track to the river Mole where first a footbridge then a more exciting set of stepping stones allowed us to cross over and return.

Crossing back!

Crossing back using a slightly unusual method!

Video of our crossing…

A second circuit to the north-east of the visitors centre meant that our total distance was around 8km with height gained and lost of 310 m (over 1000 ft!).

A satisfied group

A well satisfied group at the end

GPS tracking data showed the routes of our two circuits and the elevation profiles – pretty impressive for a gentle training walk!

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