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Back out in the hills!

Back out in the hills for the first time in a long while and I had the pleasure of four other amputees for company!  Two old friends, two new friends and myself gathered for a walk in the countryside to … Continue reading

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Stanmore Implants Website Update

Perhaps in anticipation of the Guardian article being published, Stanmore Implants have updated their ITAP webpage giving a good deal more information than was previously available.  Click on the thumbnail below to check out the real thing!

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An Article on the Guardian Website

Yesterday evening I was alerted via Facebook that the following article had appeared on the Guardian Website: Sadly I have found that publicity regarding any of the various osseointegration techniques tends to be fairly divisive amongst fellow amputees.  Admittedly ITAP … Continue reading

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Is It Safe To Run With That (2)? – Bone Remodelling…

One of the first questions I am often asked when fellow amputees and ‘normal’ people find out about ITAP is: ‘Can you run with that?’.  As with most things in life, the answer is not a simple one! Everyday movements … Continue reading

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21 Year Ampuversary

Reflection and introspection have never been strong points of mine but I regularly read other people contemplating the hand that fate has dealt them on the day of their ‘ampuversary’ so I thought I would similarly indulge myself. I fairly … Continue reading

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Although not a viewer of breakfast TV, Henry’s requirements obviously take precedence, I was slightly surprised but pleased to see on the BBC website that ITAP had made it on to their breakfast programme: The patient did a pretty … Continue reading

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First Outing of the Year

It’s been a pretty barren winter for me from a walking perspective – my crampons are likely to remain unused.  I’ve had various day walks planned but for various personal reasons have had to pull out.  Fortunately Scouting has come … Continue reading

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Five Years of ITAP

Five years ago, at about this time, I was returning to the ward at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore in proud possession of a shiny new ITAP. Actually, on reflection, it wasn’t that shiny any more as it … Continue reading

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Some twenty years after I last had a go at abseiling I’m at it again!  My Scouts on camp all got to take part in the activity and I didn’t want to miss out.  I realised that as soon as … Continue reading

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Climbing Taster Session

One of our walking group arranged for us all to take part in a climbing taster session at a local centre.  It has been many years since I did any climbing, and I’ve certainly not formally scaled anything since I had my … Continue reading

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