An amazing effort

The first all-disabled ascent of El Capitan:

In addition to being an inspirational movie, the prosthetics these guys used are interesting. One of the climbers appears to be using an XT9 knee which is specifically designed for extreme activities. I would be very interested in trying out one of these with my ITAP, particularly to have a go at skiing. At one point in the video this leg falls off, which is only a minor problem  thanks to the forethought and ability of the climber. Having an ITAP would have made this far less likely to have happened. I do still also use a tether for my leg when attempting ‘serious’ terrain as there is a possibility that if I do something silly the failsafe will activate and my leg and I will part company.  Fortunately this has only happened once after a minor slip on a wet Scottish hillside but this was prior to the introduction of the tether. I guess I’ve learned from my mistakes!

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