2nd Anniversary of Kili Summit

This weekend myself and a group of fellow Kilimanjaro veterans gathered to celebrate the second anniversary of our ascent of that magnificent summit.  For our first anniversary it seemed fitting that we replicate the summit experience with a night walk to the top of our local highest point, Leith Hill (a magnificent 294m above sea level, 5601m less than Kili).  As we had such a good time last year we did it again!  Our group’s main organiser provided champagne for consumption at the top and photos were taken.  I wonder where we’ll be in a years time…

The day after the summit celebrations we had a planning session to work out want we want to do for the coming year.  Apart from a re-run of Trailwalker we have a ‘big’ project in the pipeline.  It will require me to be fitter and faster than I’ve probably ever been and is something that my ITAP will hopefully allow me to achieve.   I’m not going to spill the beans yet as there are several hurdles that will need to  be overcome before I can be confident of my inclusion but I am excited!

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