20th Anniversary of Amputation

Twenty years ago today I had already lost my leg after getting a little too close to a car whilst riding my motorbike. Had I been positioned 30cm to the left I would have missed the car completely,  30 cm to the right I would probably have been far more seriously injured. On such small margins do life changing events often hinge. Obviously what happened that day had a profound effect on my life and I can only speculate where I would be now if I’d been riding more carefully that day. The immediate implications were the cessation of the university course that I was pursuing at the time and a forced re-evaluation of my long-held intentions to join the RAF.  After a relatively quick rehab I returned to university and eventually found a course of study that has allowed me to lead a rewarding and fulfilling life. Had I not lost my leg I almost certainly wouldn’t have experienced the circumstance where I met my wife and subsequently Henry would not exist in the same lovely little form that he does. Although it is human nature to ponder these things, this sort of speculation serves no real purpose.

What is certain is that in recent years ITAP has enabled me to achieve feats that I thought would always be beyond me as I lay on the bed in casualty that fateful day and signed the consent form for amputation. I can only hope that my implant continues to allow me to exploit my prosthetics to the full and live life like a two-legged person!

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